Thursday, 25 May 2017

A sad time

Hello folks

I have been absent from my blog for a while now but after Monday nights events crafting has been very low on my list of priorities. I live in South Manchester and watched in horror as events unfolded on Monday night at one of my favourite venues in the city. It is a place that I have always felt is a safe place to visit and would have no reservations about allowing any of my children to attend events there. Indeed I would have been waiting in the exact spot where some of the parents who passed away were if my children had attended the concert. It shakes me to my core that friends were at the concert but were lucky to leave the MEN without injury.
Manchester has always welcomed everybody into its community and hearts whatever their beliefs or values and we have one of the most vibrant and diverse city centres in the world. I cannot believe that someone who has been welcomed into this community would cause it's people so much pain.
But to those who would try to bring us to our knees please know this......... Manchester and its fabulous, warm and welcoming people will not be beaten. We will continue, as we always have, to welcome the lost and the lonely, the persecuted and the frightened with open arms, love and understanding. Manchester will not bow down to terrorism...... not now not ever.


  1. Hi Lesley this event must have been such a shock for you. My heart goes out to those affected. I just don't understand why these things happen. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. This is becoming a very sad world. We are all sad for the people of Manchester. The mothers, fathers and the precious children, fighting for their lives in hospital, our hearts and prayers go out to them. Hugs, Carol S.xx