Thursday, 25 June 2015


Hello folks
Just a quick post to keep you updated about my lack of posts recently.
Unfortunately my little laptop where I keep all my photos, after recently being resurrected has taken a turn for the worse again. The mouse has decided to leave the party and even the external is feeling unwell. I have left it in the capable hands of my hubby but he doesn't seem to understand the need for speed at this time.
So I am writing this post on my work ipad whilst waiting for my middle son to come home after his after prom party. It is now 3am and still no sign of him, and on a school night too - how rude! He seems unaware that I need my beauty sleep at my age. The lack of my laptop also means I haven't been able to pop his photos on Facebook - most annoying!
Well I'd better go and try to get some sleep.
Good night

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